Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Austen in August?

      I have joined Austen in August! This month, I will be reading as many Jane Austen books as possible. Biographies, Audiobooks, Juvenilia, , and contemporary versions or sequels also count.
      I will be trying to post many Jane Austen related things as well as reviews of the books. I have found seven books on my shelves that I can read for this event, though I doubt I can finish them all. If you want to sign up for this event you can, even though it is a bit late, here is the link to the event's host: austen-in-august-2013-sign-up-post
     Here we go!



  1. Welcome aboard! I don't think the link is working, though. :)

  2. I signed up a while ago, but for some reason never did a post, so I figured I needed one, I also fixed the link :)

  3. What a fun challenge! I'll try to read one of the Austen's on my classics club list in honor of it :)