Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My absence and a discovery....

      I apologize for my exceptionally lengthy absence from the blogosphere, I just haven't had many subjects or books to review.
      I've discovered that I am no good at reading challenges. No good at all. I took part in the Bout of Books, and read no books that week. I took part in Austen in August, and only read half of a Novella. Both were very unproductive, as you can tell. I'll get very excited, but when the time comes for the challenge, I have no desire to read. I'm still hoping that I'll be able to achieve my goal of 50 classics in five years. I still think that I am capable of this one. :) Hopefully I'll start reading some of the classics soon. Frankenstein sounds nice right now....
      Like most of you I'm sure, I enjoy reading a wide variety of books. Recently however, I have been reading a lot of middle grade books, or very easy books that are on a 3 grade reading level. I checked out some Magic Tree House books from the library today. I thought of them because I went to a bookstore and there was a display of them. 
      What do you all like to read? Does the type of books vary, or do you have one certain genre? Have you ever taken part in a reading challenge, how did it work for you?
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