Sunday, November 24, 2013

Spoilers or no Spoilers...that is the Question

      What do you think bout spoilers? Do you enjoy them and ask for them, or do you steer clear of them, avoiding such reviews?
       Personally, I don't like spoilers. I tend avoid those reviews. I have a friend you doesn't mind them, though I refuse to tell her what happens. I was talking to her once, and she starts listing all the characters who die in a certain book! I wasn't very happy about it.
       For a while, every book I read I would read the first few pages and then I would flip to the back and read the last two. I finished very few books when I did that. I didn't want to read them because I knew the ending, and I didn't care as much about what happened in the middle.
      That I why I don't like them.
       But some people do like them, perhaps because the suspense is gone? Not being one of these people I can't give their reasons.
       I was wondering though, what are your opinions? Do you enjoy the spoilers or not, and why?

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