Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bye Bye Bookstore

My favorite used bookstore is closing. It's horrible. I'm very cheap when it comes to books, so I don't like buying them new. And I liked it because the prices were really nice, it was friendly, cozy, and I spent a lot of time there so it was very comfortable. Not to mention that I helped out shelving books for a bit.
I was rather depressed when I found out, then I wondered what would happen to all of my store credit. As it turns out, I get free books that add up to the amount of credit I had. I had around $100 in credit. So I've been making trips and have gotten maybe 50 or so books so far, and I have some more credit to use up, I just don't know if there are any more books that I want.
But I did get quite a few things that I'm excited about, specifically  Classics. I got a lot of Shakespeare, and I got two H. G. Wells books, and I'm looking forward to reading those a lot. But I am now running out of room on my bookshelves, and I just got a new one.
I also wrote a series a short stories, and am very excited about that, because I am not so good at finishing stories once I start them. I can never come up with an ending.
So that's the update with me, and hopefully some H. G. Wells reviews will be making an appearance soon!

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  1. It is so sad to hear about the closing of the store. Great books, nice people.