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Book Tour - Andy Smithson Disgrace of the Unicorn's Honor - By: L.R.W. Lee

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      Welcome to the Blog Tour for the third book in L.R.W. Lee's Andy Smithson series! Continue reading for a synopsis, review, and an interview with the author!

                                     Disgrace of the Unicorn's Honor (Andy Smithson, #3)

     Andy, now twelve, discovers more than he bargained for when his parents reveal his mom’s past and he realizes she will die when he breaks the curse unless he intervenes.
     Andy returns to Oomaldee to find its citizens on edge after many have been turned into vulture-people. Against this background, Andy and his company embark upon the next quest, to retrieve the horn of a unicorn. But not long into it, a seductive voice calls to Andy, tempting him to surrender the next ingredient in exchange for a promise to preserve his mom. Will he be able to stop the transformation of Oomaldee’s citizens? Will he jeopardize his ability to end the curse to save Mom?
                                             ~My Review~
     This was a good addition to the Andy Smithson series. There are so many secrets that you find out as you read through the series, and  it does a great job of keeping you interested.
     This time Andy returns to Oomaldee with new found knowledge. I couldn't stop reading until I saw how he broke the news and everybody's reactions to it. 
     I found the first half of the book more engaging than the second part, and I think it was because they were on a quest for so long and I prefer the parts that take place in Oomaldee. However, that is not to say that the adventure was not interesting. It was, especially when the three adventuring children get some 'pet trolls'. The trolls were very amusing. 
     Andy is in Oomaldee to break a curse that has been in the land for hundreds of years, and this time he is trying to collect the third ingredient, the horn of a unicorn, willingly given. He has plans to do this, but when he hears his mothers voice, asking what he would give to save her, he becomes distressed. When he finds that she wants the horn of a unicorn, he has a predicament on his hands. Whether he chooses to collect it for the curse, or to save it for his mother, I will let you find out for yourself.
      I want to understand that ending. Andy has a sword, a legendary sword that appeared to him in preparation for a huge and horrible battle. Its name is Methuselah. Now this sword could almost be said to have a mind of its own, it glows, moves itself in Andy's hands, and the blade can extend at will. That is, when they are in Oomaldee. In our world, it is only the hilt of a sword. But when Andy handed it to his mother....
4 Stars

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What Other Reviewers Say

"Andy Smithson will take on any problem that comes his way. The scenes and dialog in this book come alive on the page. I felt Andy’s emotions and victories, and I was with him for his pain and recovery. This is an amazing adventure that I have been impatiently waiting to read since book two!" - Rena Marthaler, Rena Writes (Rena is 10) 

"Sometimes, I just let the 5 star rating speak for itself. I can add nothing more." - Wayne Walker, Home School Book Review 

"A long-lasting story that is part of one of my favorite series."
- Erik Weibel, This Kid Reviews Books Blog (Erik is 13)


 L.R.W. Lee L. R. W. Lee writes to teach her readers principles that can transform their lives – overcoming frustration, impatience, fear and more. She also shows why responsibility, diligence and dignity are the keys to true success in life. L. R. W. Lee lives in scenic Austin, TX with her husband, daughter and son.

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Here is the author interview I promised!

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