Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Book Review: Tuesdays at the Castle ~ By Jessica Day George

      I am surprised that I haven't read this sooner, since it is written by Jessica Day George, one of my absolute favorite authors. With the sequel coming out, I decided that I must read it.
      This book is about Princess Cecelia, whose parents go missing and are presumed dead. Her home, the castle, is magical. It has a mind of its own, quite like 'Herbie the Lovebug'. It will create new rooms or corridors, just to have them vanish the next day. Rooms will be moved, and their size may change, according to how the castle feels about that person.
      I would have thought that a magic castle would be difficult to write about; that every problem would be solved by using the castle's magic. This was not the case. Jessica Day George did a fantastic job avoiding this escape route, and not once did I think that the characters got off easily.
      This was a very intriguing book, and not stressful. It kept me fully interested and not constantly checking my progress as I usually do.
      I wouldn't classify any of her books as romance, but some have more romance than others(all of her romance is perfectly wholesome and would be suitable for younger children). Tuesdays at the castle has no love story plot at all.
      I enjoyed the characters unique personalities. I am looking forward to reading the second book in the series. For me, there is nothing like picking up a new Jessica Day George story.
Here is the link to an interview of Jessica Day George about her new book:

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