Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Classics Club Book Review: The Lifted Veil ~ George Eliot

This was the first book I've read by George Eliot, and I noticed that many people say that it wasn't the type of book that she normally wrote. I look forward to reading more George Eliot so as to do a comparison with this book.
      This is about a clairvoyant man who has a vision of a woman, who he later discovers is his brother's fiancé.
      this book is written as if this man was writing the story of his life and you are reading it at a later date.
      It tells about his life and his various visions, and how he struggles with them. He begins to believe that his brother's fiancé loves him more than his brother, but a later vision shows him that this is not true.
      There are multiple times that the narrator says that he is skipping to a later date, when key events happen, and this reinforces that it is being told to you as if you were in the same room as the main protagonist.
      The title, 'The Lifted Veil', refers to the 'veil' of the future, and how this man can see through it, as though it were lifted. The story is really only

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  1. That sounds like an interesting read, one I could tackle this evening.