Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Few Favorite Authors.....

      I realize that I haven't posted in a while, so I apologize and I am giving you an update on everything.
      My friend just started a Health and Beauty blog, which you can find here:
      She is likely the most fashion-minded person I know. I'd love if you would jump over and take a look at the blog.
      I wasn't able to complete the Classic Club Spin. The day before the deadline I realized that I was only half-way through the book. Not wanting to rush through it, I quit. On the upside, I finished Wuthering Heights, I will be posting a review soon.
      On to a few of my favorite authors, I have two to post about today; they both write fantasy.
      The first author is Jessica Day George. I have posted a review of her book Tuesdays in the Castle, which you can find here:
      She has written two trilogies, Dragon Slippers and her Princess books, and is currently writing a series. Dragon Slippers is amazing! I have suggested it to two friends, and they both fell in love with the books. It's about Creel, whose aunt delivers her to a dragon, hoping for Creel to be rescued by the Lord's son. Creel frees herself and journeys to a town in hopes of becoming a dressmaker, wearing the shoes she acquired from the dragon. The shoes itch, and she hears voices of dragons, because of these shoes. Oh, I can't describe how fantastic these books are.
      Her other trilogy is based on fairy-tales. The first book, Princess of the Midnight Ball, focuses on Rose, the eldest of the twelve dancing princesses. It follows the storyline of the original fairy-tale (The Twelve Dancing Princesses). The second focuses on a middle sister, Poppy, whose fairytale is Cinderella, even though Cinderella is not Poppy herself. The last story is about the youngest sister. This book is a combination of Little Red Riding Hood and Robin Hood.
      For all you readers who aren't into fairy-tales and a bit of romance, I would suggest Eoin Colfer. Not every book he has written is fantasy, but his most well-known series, Artemis Fowl, is. Another all-time favorite.
      I suggest clicking the link and reading about the series yourself, as I often have trouble explaining these books. They are about the teenage Artemis Fowl. Criminal Mastermind and Millionaire. He wants his father back, and so captures a fairy, so he would be allowed a wish. I understand that I say this isn't a girly book, and then I start mentioning fairies. You need to understand that these are not the classic picture book fairies. They are high-tech mythological creatures, living underground. They have devices that render them nearly invisible, guns that don't kill, but stun, ways to erase a memory, ways to hypnotize among many other inventions.They have their own police system. The population  consist of centaurs, elves, dwarves, pixies, and more. When Artemis captures a fairy, it doesn't go as planned. This fairy was a police officer, and Artemis ends up with quite a bit of trouble when she goes missing from her world. This is a seven part series. It is also one of the few series in which I eagerly awaited the next installment.
      Who are some of your favorite authors? Please follow :) Au Revoir!

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