Thursday, April 11, 2013

HUGE, inexpensive book sale!

      Every year, I try to attend the Friends of the Library book sale. The spring sale is scheduled for April 20th through April 24th, 2013. They have thousands of books that have been donated by many people in the community. Though the price varies from book to book, the majority of them seem to be priced at
 50 cents or less.
      The books are divided into sections depending on genre (young adult, sci-fi / fantasy, classic, cookbooks, hobby books, etc.). There are large signs over each section that inform you of the genre of books placed in that section. Maps are also available for you to carry one around, if you would like.
      The sale continues for a few consecutive days. The first three days the books are the price that their stickers state. Prices range mostly from 25 cents to $4. Some books will not have stickers, these are 25 cents each, hardcovers included. Tuesday is half price day. The last day, Wednesday, all books are a dime each. I have gotten 16 books for about ten dollars before.
      There are volunteers at the sale who are constantly putting new books onto the shelves. If you are looking for a certain author, series, or book you can ask them if they have seen any. They may tell you where they have seen the book, if they have seen it, or they will let you know, by shouting out, if they have some in their carts. I have had people who overheard me ask for a book, and they pointed me in the right direction.
       Though the crowds are huge, the deals and enjoyment is completely worth the trip and the waiting in lines. I plan on going every chance possible.
        Here is the link to their website, with location and dates.


  1. Looking forward to going to the book sale this year!

  2. Oh my how time flies! I so remember going to this sale a few years ago with you and your Mom and how much fun we had! Even waiting in the lines was fun because we met so many nice people with the same love of reading! I wish I could be there with you this year but know I am with you in spirit.