Sunday, April 14, 2013

Review of 'Ruby Redfort: Look into my Eyes' By Lauren Child

This book is about a 13 year old, supposed genius, girl who is recruited to help a secret agency stop a theft. Her name is Ruby Redfort.
      I didn't find her a genius, though that isn't much of an issue. The plot was not bad, it just wasn't as fast moving as I am used to. The issues I have with this book: her parents and her accidental stealing.
      Her parents were not intelligent, as stated in the book. They were kind, caring and rich, but not intelligent. Her parents were not portrayed well, and she fully kept what she was doing from them by continuous lies. I understand the reason was because it was a secret agency, but it didn't reflect well on Ruby.
      She stole from the agency. Not on purpose, but she did. The agency did know about it, but as Ruby didn't know that they knew, that fact doesn't matter. She stole a watch out of a guarded agency room that she was touring. She messed with it even though she had been told not to. She ended up leaving the room with it on because she couldn't put it back without being noticed. She then tried to return it by breaking into the room, and ended up stealing something else. I wouldn't have been upset about the stealing if she had been punished for it, but she wasn't. The watch saved her life, therefore she was rewarded for her theft.
      Her speech pattern was neither good nor bad, it was just incredibly modern. It bothered me in the beginning, though simply because I wasn't used to it.
      I am not completely set against this book, I did enjoy it, it is simply just not one I would read again. I do plan on reading the next one, though the main reason is because I enjoy the other characters in the story, especially the villains. I just do not like the main protagonist.

                                                     Look Into My Eyes (Ruby Redfort, #1)390 pages.

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  1. I can't believe you read another book so quickly and ....390 pages!!! When a book is slow reading it is difficult to get into the storyline. At least you are giving the author another chance on the next book. Hope it is more enjoyable